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Inspired by the essential elements of the Arabian desert tent, the Budoor Villa design is modular, open and linear. It lends itself to interpretation and flexibility – just as traditional tents multiplied around central courtyards as desert tribes grew in size.


Inspired by the rich tradition of Arabic homes, the Joud Villas reinterprets the courtyards, the majlis and maqa’ad of the past to create rich, intimate and layered spaces for family. Nature and residential life merge seamlessly here, with multiple textures, land levels and water features creating a smooth transition between home and the natural world outside.

The perfect juxtaposition of old and new, with a smooth transition between modernity and nature. Your villa's stone base complements the raw beauty of the surrounding environment, while the interior takes inspiration from elegant contemporary design and finishes. Designed to open up to the horizon beyond, your home looks outwards in playful harmony with its environs.