Real Estate Mortgage Services

Abu Dhabi based specialist in finance & mortgage, we work with a large panel of banks. We are one of the few genuine whole of market brokers operating finance brokerage, residents and in. the nonresident mortgage market.

What we do ?

  1. We are a team of qualified independent finance & mortgage advisers.
  2. We provide independent and regulated advice.
  3. We save your time and money by negotiating the best terms & conditions.
  4. We thrive to serve our customers with best-in-class.
  5. We assist our client to structure their banking facility according to the business nature such as: contracting, industrial, trading, real estate, hospitality and pool facility structure etc.
  6. Financial services advisory.
  7. Client representation.
  8. Case studies and documentation


  1. Corporate accounts, individuals and jointly owned entities facility structure.
  2. Locals, expats, international buyers main homes, holiday home interest-only or capital repayment private bank structures
  3. Refinance to a lower fixed rate.
  4. Interest-only refinance buy to let portfolio refinance
  5. Remortgage to buy someone buy to let/leaseback.
  6. Leaseback mortgage short term and long-term rentals landlord insurance


  • Equity release.
  • Post purchase loans.
  • Director’s loan refinance.
  • Foreign purchases.
  • Remortgage for capital raising and debt consolidation

Here are a few simple tips to get the best facility /- mortgage deal: The following recommendations applied to clients who can have access to a wide range of Facility / Mortgage products:

General facility

  • Clean credit report.
  • Source of repayment supported with cash flow.
  • Financial statements for three years.
  • Organization structure enhancing the business module.
  • Credible client list.
  • Highly rated outstanding debts.


  • If you can a afford the monthly repayments, select shorter duration for your mortgage contract. The shorter the duration, the lower the mortgage rate
  • Always factor the cost of the life insurance premium. Lenders will not advance mortgages unless a life insurance has been assigned to them. Mortgage insurance is an important cost component of the mortgage, so make sure to include the life insurance element and don’t simply focus on mortgage rates.
  • Do not go straight to specialist lenders, they deliver a good service but it can come at a premium cost. Shop around and compare.
  • Negotiate fees and mortgage rates are not always set in stone. Bargaining is common place so make sure to challenge the lender. If you are not comfortable pushing back, get a broker to do the negotiating on your behalf.
  • It’s location, but not rates. To get the best mortgage deal, always include fees (completion fee, early redemption fee) and the cost of the guarantee that the lender will require. Fixed fees lin make a big difference to the overall cost of a mortgage facility.
  • If you want to have access to the whole mortgage market, use an authorized broker. For further information, make sure to contact us we recognize that buyers need solutions tailored to their individual circumstances and borrowing requirements whether in relation to the purchase of a future home, a buy-to-let property or remortgage

With this in mind. we have established a range of mortgage options to help you. We continually monitor the market for new mortgage plans who will add value to our clients.

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