CHERWELL PROPERTIES marketing strategy is rooted in the comprehensiveness of its analytical knowledge and methodology. Marketing analysis, study of market trends, SWOT analysis, situation analysis, and studying competitor’s strengths and weaknesses all culminate in highly successful results for our clients.

Prior to any new property/project release to the market, CHERWELL PROPERTIES thoroughly reviews each property and evaluates the local real estate market trends in order to reach competitively price and to establish best-selling propositions aimed at attracting tenants and targeted audience. Our leasing strategy, based on continuous analysis of real estate industry dynamics, market research and data updating, will secure that CHERWELL PROPERTY and its clients maintain property lease rates positioned to attract projected occupancies while keeping advanced competitive edge over competitors.

CHERWELL PROPERTIES promotional strategy focuses on attracting solid, credit worthy long term tenants who are motivated to live in growing, thriving communities.

To achieve successful results within a specific time frame, CHERWELL PROPERTIES implements various promotional tools which include internet marketing, continuous presence on social media and other time-sensitive media platforms, EMAIL CAMPAIGNS, PRINT, RADIO, SURVEYS, BROCHURES and other tools.

CHERWELL PROPERTIES has its own leasing & sales team which will work as third party between sellers and buyers, and between tenants and landlords. Properties involved ranges from huge land plots to tinny residential, commercial, and retail spaces.

CHERWELL PROPERTIES implements various tactics which contribute to the success of our leasing strategy.